Maverick gone “nucular”

If you can’t pronounce the word “nuclear”, you are not ready to be the VP let alone the president of the United States. 

Let’s be fair here. Biden has had more than 30 years of experience in the Senate while Palin has been a governor of Alaska for merely 2 years. The expectations were high for Biden, and, without question, Biden had one of the best debates of his life: he demonstrated experience and knowledge through clear and concise responses, jabbing Palin with bullets like “[that is] the ultimate bridge-to-nowhere” and “drill, drill, drill”.

Palin did very well considering her background and experience coming into this debate. She had great energy as usual. She went back to her being a governor and a soccer mom and used that to her advantage, which worked well. She connected with the audience using her good ol’ folksy language and corrected Biden: “[by the way], it’s drill baby, drill!”. 

So, who won the debate? Overall, Biden edged Palin in that he responded to the questions. Palin, on the other hand, didn’t answer any of the questions really. In the first half of the debate, she kept going back on the alternative energy discussion and areas (soccer mom, family) she is comfortable with. She did not say much about the economic crisis nor the bankruptcy nor the mortgage problems and she stumbled all over the place in the debate about the war in Iraq. This wasn’t surprising considering her almost non-existent experience with foreign policies. What did the trick was her energy, confidence and definitely (don’t wanna sound shallow here but it’s true) her beauty, she is a good looking woman.

In conclusion, both of them did well, this debate won’t change the course of the election all that much.

Biden: A
Palin: B


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