Mind over matter

Takotsubo cardiomyopathy – commonly known as ‘broken heart syndrome’ is a weakening of the heart muscle due to severe emotional stress. Our mind controls everything and our brain gives off magnitudes of electromagnetic waves triggered by the constant firing of neurons. All these signals are received and interpreted by the brain and the appropriate response occurs, from blinking our eyes to breathing to playing sports. I’m sure everyone knows this. What intrigues me is not the physical aspect of our body but the mental aspect. The physical can be seen, has been proven and there are certain natural laws and rules to it. The mental or emotional, however, does not follow any kind of rules. 

True, there are studies and statistics but these only apply to that set of subjects and should not be used to generalize and make the same assumptions on others. Two patients, same sickness, one has a reason to live, the other does not. Both are given the same treatment, but more than likely, the one who doesn’t want to live will die. We’ve seen and heard about these instances from news to tv shows to our friends. Ultimately, it comes down to a person’s will to live, to survive, to persevere. Hence, ‘Mind over matter’. 

Science is based on theories proven by evidence over and over. Whether we choose to believe it or not, everything is made out of atoms, Moon rotates around the Earth, Earth rotates around the Sun, and everything that we feel or think are chemical reactions within our cells and tissues and veins. Many people would beg to differ. Many people want to believe that there is something more, something more than just plain old scientific facts. Einstein said it best: “Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.”

I read this book a few years ago titled The God Gene: How Faith is Hardwired into our Genes by Dean H. Hamer. It was very interesting because Hamer hypothesize that religion and faith have a genetic component to it which we human beings inherit from our predecessors. Faith is a tricky concept that has different meanings to different people. Some put their faith in the government (insert sarcasm here), some in science, some in themselves, but others put their faith in ‘God’. I put that in quotation mark because personally I don’t believe there’s some sort of supreme being out there guiding us (no offense), but what I do believe is that this ‘God’ is more of an abstract concept that’s universal even though it’s interpreted differently in every religion (Jesus, Buddha, Krishna etc). It represents an idea; it gives people hope; it lends us an invisible shoulder to lean on if you may, and believe me, many of us need that comfort. 

So, after all that, what’s the point? I mean, there’s probably an answer out there but it will most likely be something that’s beyond our capacity of understanding. In the end, the only thing we do know is to believe in whatever we choose to believe and stick with it. Despite the myriad amount of clichés there are of what I’m about to say, I’m still gonna say it: Just be yourself and everything will fall into place.

Good day.


5 thoughts on “Mind over matter

  1. ummmmmmmm…..r u the author? I got this link off a buddy of mine Derek, who’s in Costa RIca right now. R u the author? Is Derek the author? thx

  2. Hey Jared, this is Derek. Yeah this is my blog, I wrote this, Shaun is my friend and we have many views in common, he’s joking…=)

  3. Hey Derek,

    Awesome blog so far.

    And thanks for coming through with those awesome pictures of Costa Rica you threw up on MySpace. Looks like you are having a great time. I’m happy for you.

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