A trip down memory lane

I came across some cartoon theme songs that I remember listening to and watching growing up. 

Link here

It’s in Chinese, Cantonese to be exact. These aren’t just some random cartoon songs, each one of them has meanings that guided our generation basically. It related to us and still does. Back in elementary school I remember getting out of school, going home and watching these cartoons. I dare say most of us watched and know all of these. Everyday, cartoons first, then homework (maybe), for us boys we go down to the park after to play soccer what not. That’s where you learn your swear words and such. Back then in Hong Kong there were many neighborhoods, most of them were, and still are, “estates” or “courts”. Each of them have a park, a market and a mall. These neighborhoods are equivalent to barrios (en español). We were defined by the town or the area in which the neighborhood is in (much like east coast vs west coast, or even area codes). Anyways, listening to these songs brings back many sentimientos and images en mi mente. 

My time frame of my childhood is basically stuck in the 90s because in 99 I left for the US. It’s interesting because I remember many times at home with mi amigos and the tv would be on a Chinese channel. I understood everything, but mi amigos, nada. This Chinese culture side that I have I rarely use or share, it only pops up occasionally in conversations and most of the time I end up having to explain a lot. 

It’s weird cause I only have a few really good Chinese friends in Hawaii and a few in Hong Kong. That’s pretty much it. At one point in my life (high school I think), I avoided anything and everything relating to Chinese culture. I was resisting it and didn’t want to have anything to do with it. It didn’t make sense to me at the time, but now of course it does. Like every kid with a new toy, I despised the old ones because they’re old and they ain’t cool. Not until college did I appreciate how old and deep this culture is. 

On another note, it’s Halloween tomorrow. One day where we can dress up as anything and no one would care; one day where we can pretend to be someone else; one day where we don’t have to be ourselves (Unless you’re an actor or actress). Time goes by fast around this time, Halloween then thanksgiving, and before you know it it’s Christmas and New Years. Actually this year will be the first time I’m spending Christmas and New Years away from home. Gotta plan something. 

So, go trick or treating, watch some horror movies, eat some pumpkin pie and carve some pumpkins on this All Hallows Eve.


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