Día de acción de gracias

Un día de agradecimiento. Un día que los peregrinos viajó a América a bordo del Mayflower. Un dia que los indios Wampanoag les proporcionaron ayuda y alimentos. Una celebración de no solamente la gracia al dios, sino también la bondad dentro de nosotros. 

Pues, tengo que trabajar…

God bless!


Beware thoughts that come in the night

They aren’t turned properly; they come in askew, free of sense and restriction, deriving from the most remote of sources. ~ William Trogdon

La mayoría de estos pensamientos en la noche son deprimidos. Es extraño, es oscuro, es triste. Es difícil entender porque no sabe de donde vienen estos pensamientos. Por eso muchas de las conversaciones que ocurren son profundos. Hay algo trata con la oscuridad. Bueno, cuando está despejado y enfocado el mente, especialmente durante la noche (aún dentro de un sueño), el subconsciente tiene más espacio para funciona. Estos pensamientos son suprimidos por el consciente durante el día (por lo general). No sé que quiero decir exactamente porque estoy cansado. Pues, tengo que trabajar mañana, voy a dormirme. 

The weather outside is frightful

It’s been really cold this past few days. It’s been raining constantly. Supposedly this is the coldest San Jose has experienced in 12 years. A cold front lingering due to low pressure in the Gulf Coast. Yes, it’s global warming people. We might not know the extent of human contributions (as many studies pointed out), but admit it, we’ve been taking from our medio ambiente and never giving anything back. We ARE destroying our environment. Love National Geographic.

Let’s get nerdy now. Remember how cool having the power to become invisible was? How Harry got away with so much under his cloak? How Casper can turn invisible? Well, a while back the first findings were documented. Now we’re closer than we think of making this amazing feat come true. Let’s start we the basics. What makes things visible? Well, why can’t we see anything in the dark (technically we can if our eyes are adjusted)? There’s no light! So, we see things because light reflects off of whatever things we’re seeing. To make things invisible, all we have to do is avoid being “hit” by light. Basically they found a material that can bend light so that light won’t hit an object, but instead, goes around the object, rendering it invisible. Cool huh? Technology, it’s great.

Why do all good things come to an end…?

Flames to dust, lovers to friends, why do all good things come to an end? –> Great song by Nelly Furtado.

My good friend Andrew is leaving to go back to Atlanta in the next 8 hours or so. We had a great farewell party for him and also mixed with a birthday party for Julia and I. Bidding goodbye is the hardest thing to do. Time doesn’t really have much to do with how good a friendship is. It’s all in the moment. I’ve made great friends from knowing them for only a weekend, a month, a semester, to friends I’ve known since I was little. It’s all about connections, common grounds and always a little bit of fate. When we think about how small this world really is, it’s destined, in a way, that certain people cross paths. Two people from different corners of the world with completely different backgrounds end up doing the same thing in the same place at the same time. 

This world of ours is definitely a wonder. I mean, I never thought I would be here in Costa Rica teaching English. How did I end up here? What if things were different? What if I never moved to the US? I always try to imagine what it would be like. Maybe in another parallel universe there’s another me that never left Hong Kong. Speaking of the universe, check this article out.

Anyways, what I’m trying to say is I’ve bid a lot of goodbyes. I’ve been to 2 different elementary schools, 2 different middle schools and three different universities. Some of the friends I completely lost contact with, others are scattered all over the world. It’s probable but unlikely that I’ll see many of them again. With the new age of internet and social networks, keeping in touch is very easy, but different. Sure, we know how our friends are doing, what they’re up to etc. but it’s different when we actually hang out with them, go out, have fun and what not. 

It’s sad to say goodbye, but we have to keep moving on. Just remember all the good times and bad, all the tears and joy, ups and downs. Treasure the memories and experiences that define you. Use it as strength to continue on with life. That’s how I always feel. Feels like I’ve been here forever, but it’s only been a month. Next thing you know, it’s time to leave. At first it’s sad, then you feel glad to have made all these friends, and after you’re optimistic about encountering them again, and in the blink of an eye, you’re taking deep breaths and looking ahead, looking out the plane window or bus or whatever kind of transportation remembering all the incidents and such. Then smiling, then eyes get watery, then the guy/girl sitting next to you start to eye you like you’re loco. That’s how it always is, for me anyways. 

With that, this entry has come to an end. I’m heading to bed…it’s 6 in the damn morning…damn.

I’m 22 for a moment

100 years by Five For Fighting. Great song.

So, I turn 22 today, I’m starting to feel old. Birthdays weren’t really that big of a deal for me ever since I was little. It’s just a birthday. Sure, it’s great when we’re (were) little: becoming a teenager at 13, being able to drive at 16, buying lottery tickets and cigarettes at 18, and the big 21 (in the US that is) of purchasing alcohol legally. After that, there’s really not much to celebrate for. Time is a concept that we made up, how long is exactly one second? One minute? One year? One light year? (Kidding…I’m sure everyone knows that light year measures distance not time). I mean we know that one day is Earth rotating itself once and one year is rotating around the Sun once. What about on other planets? Time is relative, it’s never exact. 

So, what does it mean to be 22 years old? Well, 22 years = 264 months = 1148 weeks = 8035 days = 192848 hours = 11570882 minutes = 694252944 seconds = 6.94 x 10^17 nanoseconds. So what? These numbers don’t mean much to me. It’s what I’ve done during those “time(s)” that matters. I’ve done a lot of things, some good, some bad, some smart, some plain stupid, but there’s still a lot more to do. So, stop counting and just live in the moment, live it to the fullest. Anyways, HELL YEAH! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!


Change of subject…I just got back yesterday from Bocas del Toro, Panama for my border run. It was a lot of fun. I’m gonna try to keep it short (and hopefully sweet). Woke up oh so early on Friday to take the 6 am bus to the border and arrived there around noon. Got some stamps on my passport and crossed the border into Panama. Took a van with some other peeps to Almirante and then a water taxi to Bocas. The water taxi ride was very enjoyable. Finally got to Bocas and checked in at Mondo Taitu. Then later I found my friends who were suppose to be there on Wednesday but ended up there Friday evening. I was surprised to see my old housemate Jasmine with them, so that was exciting. That night included some drinking games, new friends, interesting conversations, great music and a midnight dip at the Aqua Lounge which has a pool in the open ocean equip with a (ghetto) diving board and swings…awwesome.

Saturday was such a nice day. We went to Wizard’s beach and spent almost half a day there. The water was clear, hot sand, cool surf, and not too many people. A few of them were learning how to surf (the waves were good for beginners but only 0-2 feet face and it breaks close to the shore). After that we got back and showered and bought some groceries to make food. It was so cheap there, we made enough fried rice for 5 for 6 dollars. Then the night went on with more games and music.

Sunday was cloudy, it rained all day so we pretty much stayed inside. I read almost half of “El Alquimista” por Paulo Coelho, es un libro muy bueno. Then made some more food and partied some more.

Monday was cloudy again, but it wasn’t too bad so we asked a local for a close and cheap beach to go to and went. It was la isla Carenero. Walked along the beach and tried to find a spot to swim but the water was too murky. Ended up trekking through the jungle and finally decided to go to Aqua Lounge to swim since it’s on the same island. Made some more food later that evening and went out for a bit. We checked into this other place called “El spot” which had hammocks for 4 dollars a night. It’s very local so we thought it would be good since we were all running low on the dinero. We tried to sleep that night but it was impossible because we were devoured alive. So around 1 am we all woke up and pretty much walked out and chilled outside. People walking by saying hi and what not. Then a girl walking a bike named Gabby came along, we talked a little and apparently her bike was broken, the chain was stuck, so we fixed the bike for her and started chatting some more. Then the Dj from Iguana came strolling down with his friend (who we met the night before) and we all were talking. The Dj got a ride from Gabby on the bike and we ended up at a late night stand chilling listening to La Oreja de Van Gogh. We got back around 4 pm and decided that we would try to sleep since we had to wake up early to take the 7 am water taxi to head to Changuinola to catch the bus back to San Jose. We did get some sleep since most of the mosquitos disappeared. Woke up early, tired as hell, bid goodbye to Jasmine (She quitted her job and started traveling so she was staying there for a little longer) and took the taxi to Changuinola.

Took a taxi to the bus station, ate some huevos, walked around a bit and got on the bus. Arrived at the border to get stamped, with some trouble because Wyatt (Andrew (my friend)’s friend) apparently didn’t have a stamp on his passport that says he came into Panama. Then this lady behind us started telling us how they took her to a jail for that and so Wyatt started freaking out, but it was sorted out at the end since Andrew and I both gave our passport and told the lady (at the station) that we all came together, apparently she also found the record so she gave us the stamps. With no more incidents we got through the Costa Rican border also and got back on the bus. Remember to check to make sure they stamp your passport especially in countries that are developing and not care as much. Got back to San Jose around 5, took the bus home arriving around 6, made some food and just chilled. Now here I am. I needed a good night sleep (and got one).

It was a fun trip. Need to work tomorrow and Saturday (darn). Will try to upload some pics soon.

Peace out.

History in the making

I thought it was going to be a closer race but Obama ran a perfect campaign. The promise of change is definitely coming. He reminded me of Martin Luther King when he was giving the speech in Chicago. “As a people”, same as King’s ideal.

This is history right here. Go Obama!

Democrats took majority in House and Senate…what a change this is.

P.S. The hologram thing on CNN was awesome, just like Star Wars: “Obama Kenobi, you’re my only hope”.