The weather outside is frightful

It’s been really cold this past few days. It’s been raining constantly. Supposedly this is the coldest San Jose has experienced in 12 years. A cold front lingering due to low pressure in the Gulf Coast. Yes, it’s global warming people. We might not know the extent of human contributions (as many studies pointed out), but admit it, we’ve been taking from our medio ambiente and never giving anything back. We ARE destroying our environment. Love National Geographic.

Let’s get nerdy now. Remember how cool having the power to become invisible was? How Harry got away with so much under his cloak? How Casper can turn invisible? Well, a while back the first findings were documented. Now we’re closer than we think of making this amazing feat come true. Let’s start we the basics. What makes things visible? Well, why can’t we see anything in the dark (technically we can if our eyes are adjusted)? There’s no light! So, we see things because light reflects off of whatever things we’re seeing. To make things invisible, all we have to do is avoid being “hit” by light. Basically they found a material that can bend light so that light won’t hit an object, but instead, goes around the object, rendering it invisible. Cool huh? Technology, it’s great.


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