Nothing in this world that’s worth having comes easy

Looking back at everything that happened in the past 10 years after leaving Hong Kong, I can’t say that I have been giving my best at everything. I know in many occasions I could have tried harder, but didn’t simply because I never seek perfection. To others, I’ve accomplished a lot (learned English, Spanish and French for one, studied in Spain, France and now working in CR for another) but to me, these aren’t really “big” accomplishments. To be clear, this is about “things” not “people” because nobody’s perfect (except for Shakira the love of my LIFE). Anyways, point is, there are still so much that I wanna do and I know that if I put my mind to it, anything is possible. Yes, it was hard adjusting to life in the US when I was 13, it was never so much about me trying but more of being forced to learn by the environment. So, this year, let’s try harder.

P.S. My friend and I was talking earlier this morning and just like last year we did another New Year resolution thing. Three resolutions with a twist: the third one is to be picked for by each other. So, for my friend Shaun, he said to lose weight and get better grades. The one that I picked for him is to leave San Diego for at least 2-3 weeks during the summer (because he’s been there all his life). As for me, first is to save up money and second is to be very advanced in Spanish, I want to say near native. The third one that my friend picked for me is to party with him. (Truth be told I’ve known him for 6-7 years but we’ve only hung out twice). He’s one of my best friends though…es extraño. So, yeah.

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I figured I’d write this now because tonight is party night! So, Happy New Year! May all your wishes come true! Be safe, take care, don’t get too drunk…(hypocrite!)


A picture is worth a thousand words…



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Sometimes…depends on the picture.

We can only see a picture, maybe use a little bit of imagination to feel what it is like, however, it’s not the real thing. The smell, the sound, the atmosphere and of course the mood and the moment. 

Point is, my friend Andy and I went to Guanacaste to spend Christmas instead of staying in boring San Jose. It was one of the most relaxing trips I took in a while. Just chilling on the beach, getting some sun, enjoying the smell of salt water in the air accompanied by the sound of waves. Good times. 

We left on the 22nd and went to Playas del Coco towards northern Guanacaste. We thought it was going to be a nice beach but we were disappointed…so we only spent a night there. The next day we took the bus and went to Brasilito, which is a little down south. Definitely my favorite place thus far. The place we stayed at was cheap so we ended up spending two nights there. Brasilito is surrounded by resorts with Playa Flamingo being the most famous. Right next to Brasilito beach lies Playa Conchal (Shells beach). Part of the beach is formed basically by seashells. Further down the beach shells become sands. The beach was so relaxing. So, we spent Christmas there. Had a great meal Christmas eve (we can only afford one). Watched the Lakers Celtics game Christmas day at a bar at Flamingo. Ate dinner then chilled. 

Next day we got up early to go to Montezuma…the guidebook that we had was pretty outdated so it was plenty of improvising. We took the bus from Brasilito to Santa Cruz, then changed bus from Santa Cruz to Nicoya, then Nicoya to Playa Naranjo. By the time we got there we were exhausted. To get to Montezuma we still had to take a ferry from Naranjo to Puntarenas then another ferry from Puntarenas to Paquera only then can we take the bus to Montezuma. We decided that it wasn’t worth the trouble…our money was running low and we didn’t want to go back to San Jose broke. So, we ended up staying in Puntarenas and left for San Jose the next day. 

Despite all the traveling it was definitely a great trip. I got darker again…which will fade away soon enough. It was a much needed vacation from working too much. Anyhow, I got a lot of time to think on this trip and Andy and I had some great conversations. All I need is pretty much one more trip to Quepos, Manuel Antonio or even Tortuguero or Montezuma and my travels in Costa Rica will be fulfilled…and then it’s time to move on.

Que dios te bendiga!

Will I ever stay?

The answer is a very simple no. I’ve asked myself countless of times. Traveling and moving always come first. I can see myself settling down but I just can’t get around of actually doing it. I hate leaving things behind I do, but once I’m in a new place all those things don’t seem to matter as much. I have my health, my memories and my experiences with me…what more do I need? I really don’t care about a lot of stuff, not that they aren’t important, I just, well, don’t care. 

Someone once asked me: Will you ever stay…for love? The simple answer would be again, no. Nevertheless, people tend to follow these yes or no questions with…why? Well, simply because my desire to travel is stronger than any other feelings I might have. ‘Pero el amor es el sentimiento mas fuerte que los demás’. Sure, I agree with that, and I’ve come very close to compromising but somehow, the thought of traveling and seeing the rest of the world comes out on top. I would give it a shot, I have been giving it a shot, but it’s just not happening. ‘All you need is love’, not me. ‘Love can withstand anything’, perhaps. If that’s true then love can wait (I am kind of in love).

I’m generalizing though…there are so many circumstances and I’m about to contradict myself by quoting Spider-Man: ‘Sometimes, to do what’s right, we have to be steady and give up the thing we want the most. Even our dreams.’ Truth be told this quote is definitely one of my favs. If my family needs me to stay, then yeah, I’m willing to give up my dreams, but if they “want” me to stay, then maybe. Now I’m gonna quote House: ‘You can’t always get what you want’, and now I’m gonna quote Into the Wild: ‘When you want something in life, you just gotta reach out and grab it’. On the surface these seem like contradictions, but really, they go hand in hand. Think about it…no really, think about it! I’m not about to explain. Hmm my wifey was just on tv with her music video”Suerte”. 

All in all, take what has meaning, leave the rest behind.

17 days

Only 17 days left in the year. Weird how time always flies by. 

Sleigh bells ring, are you listening? In the lane, snow is glistening. A beautiful sight, we’re happy tonight, walking in a winter wonderland. Christmas carols are so awesome. Back in Fall 2005, I took Chorus at UH Hilo and basically, the whole semester we were practicing for a Christmas concert performance. All day and night Cristmas songs were stuck in my head, and it wasn’t the melody part because I sang bass, so it was mostly harmonies. The concert was a lot of fun though I have to admit. No snow for Christmas this year, it’s not even that cold. 

It’s gonna be my first Christmas away from home. Sad and excited. Sad for not spending it with my family, excited for we’re probably going to Nicaragua! Christmas is definitely the most wonderful time of the year, and my favorite as well. The best Christmas that I’ve had was when I was 7 or 8. This was back in Hong Kong. I remember it was just my family and I. We went out for dinner, my parents bought my sister and I lights of some sort. We saw all the Christmas decorations on the Skylines.

It was just one of those memories.

I was with my friend in downtown San Jose the other day and this guy came up to us selling some earrings that he made. He said it was okay if we didn’t buy any but just let him explain himself and such. Anyway, turns out that he’s been traveling and selling these for four years. He made them himself with a small plier and copper wires, just bending and twisting and viola. It was really cool. He was a really cool guy, very friendly. He made me a peace/love sign and Diana a star ring. So awesome. 

One more week of work then vacation time! Can’t wait.

Hurray for a sunny Saturday!

It was a beautiful morning. It’s still very sunny right now, which is very fortunate because it’s been raining non-stop for the past 2 weeks. The breeze under a Costa Rican sun reminds me of summer in Hawai’i and California. Summer is coming! What is it about a sunny day that takes all the worries and stress away. 

Christmas is right around the corner. This Christmas is going to be my first Christmas away from home. It’s going to be FUN! All the plans are still up in the air but I’m definitely not staying in San Jose. The atmosphere is different here. For the past month or so Christmas decorations were already put up by Ticos, which made sense since most of the population here are Catholic. Cristo de Sabanilla is right up the street from the house. It’s going to be interesting going to mass here (even though I’m not really Catholic nor Christian nor do I associate myself with a certain religion), it’s always good to experience a different kind of, let’s just say, religion. It expands our world view. It’s important to have knowledge about everything, even things that are not interesting to us. Damn, that sounds cheesy. Ah well. Just felt like putting something on.

Jeff Corwin is awesome.

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