A picture is worth a thousand words…



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Sometimes…depends on the picture.

We can only see a picture, maybe use a little bit of imagination to feel what it is like, however, it’s not the real thing. The smell, the sound, the atmosphere and of course the mood and the moment. 

Point is, my friend Andy and I went to Guanacaste to spend Christmas instead of staying in boring San Jose. It was one of the most relaxing trips I took in a while. Just chilling on the beach, getting some sun, enjoying the smell of salt water in the air accompanied by the sound of waves. Good times. 

We left on the 22nd and went to Playas del Coco towards northern Guanacaste. We thought it was going to be a nice beach but we were disappointed…so we only spent a night there. The next day we took the bus and went to Brasilito, which is a little down south. Definitely my favorite place thus far. The place we stayed at was cheap so we ended up spending two nights there. Brasilito is surrounded by resorts with Playa Flamingo being the most famous. Right next to Brasilito beach lies Playa Conchal (Shells beach). Part of the beach is formed basically by seashells. Further down the beach shells become sands. The beach was so relaxing. So, we spent Christmas there. Had a great meal Christmas eve (we can only afford one). Watched the Lakers Celtics game Christmas day at a bar at Flamingo. Ate dinner then chilled. 

Next day we got up early to go to Montezuma…the guidebook that we had was pretty outdated so it was plenty of improvising. We took the bus from Brasilito to Santa Cruz, then changed bus from Santa Cruz to Nicoya, then Nicoya to Playa Naranjo. By the time we got there we were exhausted. To get to Montezuma we still had to take a ferry from Naranjo to Puntarenas then another ferry from Puntarenas to Paquera only then can we take the bus to Montezuma. We decided that it wasn’t worth the trouble…our money was running low and we didn’t want to go back to San Jose broke. So, we ended up staying in Puntarenas and left for San Jose the next day. 

Despite all the traveling it was definitely a great trip. I got darker again…which will fade away soon enough. It was a much needed vacation from working too much. Anyhow, I got a lot of time to think on this trip and Andy and I had some great conversations. All I need is pretty much one more trip to Quepos, Manuel Antonio or even Tortuguero or Montezuma and my travels in Costa Rica will be fulfilled…and then it’s time to move on.

Que dios te bendiga!


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