(Near) future plans

3/12 – Leave for home
—–> Save up for Chile: Part-time? Tutor? Spanish Classes? Self-Study?
5/30 – Chile English Open Doors
——–> 6/15 First day teaching
——–> 7/17 – 7/31 Winter Break
——–> 8/3 – Second Term
——–> 11/12 – Turn 23
——–> 11/20 – Last day
——–> 11/28 – Leave for home

Chile —–> Travel to Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Uruguay, Brasil (If possible)

12/2009 – Stay home for Christmas

1/2010 – 6 months in Spain

6/2010 – Africa World Cup (Travel Africa if possible)

Start French – 8/2010 – France? Canada? —–> 1 year (Travel Europe)

11/2010 – Turn 24

8/2011 – Done with Spanish/French – Master’s? Peace Corps? (Japanese, Italian, Portuguese) – 2 years

11/2011 – Turn 25

After Master’s/Peace Corps – Teach in Asia – 1 year (Travel Asia)

12/21/2012 – If World doesn’t end…

11/2014 – Turn 28

———-> Just some thoughts and plans…


A special entry / Una entrada especial

I figured I’d write this entry in both English and Spanish since I’m starting to have so many friends who only speak Spanish.

Tears are the blood of the soul as San Agustín said, and eyes are the windows to the soul. I don’t shed tears anymore. As I’ve said many times before, I’ll never stay and I understand that. I am and will always leave people, places and things I’ve got to know behind. Tears will not stop that from happening. It’s interesting because some of my students asked me about my plans for the future and after I told them, the first advice that I got was that it’s pretty much impossible for me to sustain a relationship because of my constant desire to travel and move from place to place. People say it’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all…I say it’s best to just not to love at all. Pain and damage to the heart will never heal. It really hurts. I don’t mean to be sentimental but it is how it is. I learned to live with it. I would love more than anything in the world to leave it to fate except the thought of not having control over my life I really cannot stand. Point is, I try to move on. I try to not let my heart be involved. I tried and failed. Feelings past. It’s always hard but I’ll heal. Though it won’t be the same ever again.


Supuse que escribiría esta entrada en ambos ingles y español puesto que empiece tener mas amigos quien hablan solo español.

Las lágrimas son la sangre del alma como dijo San Agustín, y los ojos son el espejo del alma. Ya no derramé ningunas lágrimas. Como he dicho antes muchas veces, nunca voy a quedarme y eso me entiendo. Siempre voy a dejar atrás la gente, los lugares y las cosas que me había familiarizado. Las lágrimas no pueden evitarlo de eso. Me fascina porque unos de mis estudiantes me preguntaron sobre mis planes en el futuro y después de les conté, el primero consejo que me dijeron era que es casi imposible mantener una relación por mi deseo constante de viajar y cambiar a otros lugares. Dice que es mejor ha amado y ha sufrido un desamor que no ha amado nunca…bueno, digo que es lo mejor no ama nunca. El dolor y el daño a la corazon nunca curarán y le duele mucho. Eso es lo que sea. Aprendido vivir con eso. Me encantaría dejarlo al destino más que todo el mundo menos que no puedo creer en que no tengo control sobre mi vida. El hecho es que trato continuar con la vida. Trato de no deja mi corazón involucrada. Traté y fracasé. Sentimientos pasan. Siempre es difícil pero voy a curar. Aunque no vaya a ser lo mismo nunca.

Well…it’s 2:42 am…it’s late (or early)…I’m going to bed.

Bueno…ya es 2:42…muy tarde (o temprano)…voy a dormirme.

The Inauguration of Barack Obama

I’ve been in the US for almost 10 years. The first year doesn’t really count since I didn’t know any English let alone politics. Then 4 years of high school and 4 years of university, all under Bush’s administration. It’s going to be very interesting to experience something else, something new. 

Many students that I’ve taught asked me about Obama. Every one of them loved Obama. There are many expectations of Obama and his administration to bring “change”. Most people think that after Obama, well now President Obama (so weird to say that) takes over, things will starting changing with a snap of a finger. This ditch that we’re in is going to take time for us to climb out. One person can’t change everything. Obama represents change, and that in itself brings hope to the people. Obama is not going to meet all these expectations in his first administration. It takes TIME. 

Anyway, this is history right here. I’m glad I have the chance to witness something like this. 

God Bless America!

Out of sight, out of mind

Not really.

Too tired right now…I’ll expand on it later.

—–> 4 days later…

Solo cuando no hay aun un secundo para pensar. Algunos pueden ahuyentar todos los pensamientos pero no lo puedo. Es difícil porque me cuesta mucho tiempo dormirme, aunque sea cansado. Dice que si no lo soñarle se vuelve loco, quizás, porque todos lo que obtiene el mente subconsciencia durante el día están en el mente pero la consciencia no los trata entonces, la subconsciencia los trata cuando la consciencia está descansado en la noche. Y esos pensamientos se forman los sueños. A veces las cosas que pensó todo el día se forman los sueños también. Hay un dicho en Chino que dice “lo que piensa en el día, lo piensa en sueño”. Bueno.

Seis días…porque solo es ella. Aunque sea por un minuto.