Life is a series of rooms…

…and who we get stuck in the rooms with adds up to what our lives are (If you know where this is from you are my new best friend). It’s always the hardest leaving people behind. We hold the key to unlocking the door leading to other rooms. The door is there and ultimately we have to walk through it, can’t stay forever. Rooms can change and furnitures can be rearranged, but the person living there stays the same. His or her appearance might change with time and might be deceiving but deep down inside, they’re still the same. People don’t change. They want to change. They want to believe that they can change but they don’t. Personality stays forever. It’s the decisions they make that gives the illusion of change. Those decisions are what make us different. 

Having said that, not sure where to go from here. Point is, my life has been very fortunate and blessed to be stuck with so many good people. Things I can take with me. Places I can revisit. It’s the people that I miss and will always miss. Live and treasure the moments of each day, especially today because it’s a gift, that’s why it’s called the present.


19 days and counting…

It’s been a while since I’ve felt the sensation of having to leave a place knowing that I won’t be back for a while (forever…possibly). I’m going to miss Costa Rica, especially friends and students who I’ve gotten to know. Some of them I might see again someday but others, the chances are pretty slim. Así es la vida. I’ve got my experience, my thoughts and my memories to take with me…what more do I need? Don’t answer, that was rhetorical. In the mean time, I’m going to enjoy fully these few remaining days in this “Rich Coast” but first, some things I’ve learned here:

1. Pura Vida!
2. Que tuanis, mae!
3. Do not rely on the buses here, they’re NEVER on time.
4. However, the buses go everywhere in the country and it’s the cheapest way to travel without a car.
5. Things are done in Tico time (meaning NEVER on time), even the government.
6. Cajero automáticos (ATMs) suck and have LONG lines.
7. Chicas are Ba-ba-ba-beautiful.
8. Pura Vida!
9. Roads suck, 8 out of 10 have huge ass holes which a car has to zig zag through.
10. PDA(s) are seen everywhere, it is normal…you are supposed to have make out sessions in the middle of the street.
11. Girls LOVE boots here.
12. Taxi meter is called “Maria”, always ask for it when getting in a cab.
13. Cacique Guaro (Local liquor) tastes HORRIBLE, similar to Aquadiente in Spain, but SO CHEAP.
14. Gallo Pinto for breakfast, lunch, brunch and dinner. Everyday.
15. Pura Vida!
16. Casados con chuleta, pollo, o carne de res (Rice and beans, plátanos, salad and tortillas) son muy buenos.
17. Guanabana (Local fruit).
18. Fruits are VERY sweet.
19. Ticos LOVE 80’s music, and I mean LOVE as in hearing it on TV, in clubs, on buses, in cabs and in sodas and restaurants.
20. Fast food restaurants especially McDonalds are COOL and the place to hang out…
21. Think Americans are fat and lazy? Burger King DELIVERS here, right to where you live.
22. Saprissa vs Liga (Also Alajuela). Local soccer teams, the best ones.
23. Ticos do NOT like Nicos…
24. The Police here doesn’t do anything…Pay them 10 – 20 dollars they’ll let you go.
25. Imperial (Costa Rican beer) tastes like piss…seriously.
26. It’s uncanny and probably applies to Latin America in general, but people here look like people back home…only darker…SO many of my students look like someone I know back home…
27. Do not say you are from America…because Central and South America IS part of America.
28. They LOVE Obama here!
29. Every other store is a shoe store.
30. Everyone knows salsa.
31. No street names…address is the number of blocks E S W N from a landmark.
32. Ticos do not know how to give directions…they know the place, they know how to get there, but they can’t give directions.
33. Pura Vida!

Can’t really think of anymore for now…so I’ll leave it as that.