World Digital Library

The World Digital Library was launched today offering access to ancient texts, paintings, films, books and such from all around the world to the general public. The main purpose is to provide a better cross-cultural understanding. The site includes items going back to 8000 BC. It’s really fascinating. Definitely browse around for a good read and tour through history. Read more here.

Tomorrow is Earth Day…I’m considering watching the movie “Earth” by Disney Nature. It’s supposed to be really good similar to the Planet Earth series by Discovery. It’s interesting because shouldn’t everyday be Earth Day? I googled Earth Day and found this article on Newsweek. It’s another good read…anyway, not going to philosophize much, Happy Earth Day!


Random thoughts at night…

May it be the moon, the stars, the darkness or that mysterious atmosphere deep in the night, thoughts and feelings always surge at this time of day, well, night. Haven’t written in a while because life has been pretty ordinary. I’ve been reading up on a lot of things that I want to learn on my own because I don’t have nor wish to spend the time or money to take classes and study. That desire isn’t strong enough. I’ve also been having doubts of wanting to travel and see the world mainly because even though I’ve been self sufficient in teaching English and traveling, I feel like I should be looking for a long-term well paying job to support my parents. My Dad’s work schedule has been cut in half (due to the economic recession of course) and it’s pretty much impossible for him to change jobs because his English isn’t that good. They sacrificed so much for my sister and I moving to the US. I know that we’re still pretty well off and they want me to see the world and I will. I just need to find a high paying job that allows me to travel…right…shouldn’t be that hard…*roll eyes* *scoff*

NBA Playoffs has been sweeeeet, 8 games in 2 days. I love Family Guy, it was on earlier on adultswim. Had a glass of milk and I’ve been eating spicy food…so damn good. Clock is ticking, I wish I’m at the beach. The Fifth Element is on right now, Chris Tucker is funny…haha…ok, done rambling. Later gator.