2 months left

Seriously? First week in Santiago seemed like forever ago, yet the feeling of it lingers around never too far off. Time is a strange concept. People say time changes everything but that doesn’t make sense because for every reaction there’s an action and time doesn’t act, people do. Sure, memories fade through time but that doesn’t mean it’s “time’s” doing, it is simply our minds losing grip on the things that aren’t as important or relevant. Time is also known as the fourth dimension and it is said that nothing travels faster than light, which is true because energy is required for matter to travel and traveling at the speed of light takes an infinite amount of energy because of mass. Theoretically time slows down when reaching close to speed of light so it’s possible to “live” longer but one would still age traveling at that speed. Weird stuff…

Anyway, no idea what I’m doing after this…probably going to take a time-out and plan my next move which is odd because doing this is kind of my time off to think about what to do next. I’m complicated…quack. I will miss this place though, that’s for sure.