Some things I learned about Chile…

As I said before, I will list some of the things I learned about Chile just like I did Costa Rica. This might apply to only southern Chile, and it’s not in order because I list it as it comes into my mind, so here goes…

1. Who let the dogs out? (Ruff, ruff, ruff ruff ruff)
2. Si-po, no-po, ya-po
3. Hablo castellano cachai?
4. Ma o meno, eso no ma, nosotro somo, etc… you get the idea.
5. Insanely crazy amounts of modismo y garabatos…(Gracias a mis estudiantes)
6. Cazuela, empenadas, barros lucos, pichanga, sopaipillas, mariscos, pullmay, porotos and many more…
7. Pancito, aguaita, tecito, cafecito…everything is ito, ita, cito, cita.
8. Colo colo is the team to root for if you’re in the South…
9. Canal 13, TVN, Mega, Chilevision.
10. Donde esta Elisa? Cuenta conmigo, Corazon Rebelde, Yingo, Peloton etc.
11. Que levante la mano!
12. Quiero ser libre, libre libre como el viento!
13. Y hoy te vas, te vas, te vas, te vas!
14. Si es verdad, dejalo ahi, hechizado y embrujado por ti!
15. The buses are very very nice.
16. Paros.
17. Chilean time.
18. Americo y La Noche (As listed above 11-14)
19. Valdivia IS the pearl of the South.
20. Landscapes in the South region of Los Rios and Los Lagos are some of the most beautiful that I’ve seen. The only problem is that the tourism industry is very undeveloped.
21. Asados.
22. Aji, pebre, a lo pobre etc.
23. 80’s music.
24. Jugos are like being drowned in fruits.
25. Cumbia and Salsa are different.
26. Cueca!
27. Conflicts between Chile, Peru and Bolivia. (Chilean army owned, no offense).
28. Los Mapuches, Mapudungun, Temuco.
29. Plaza de Armas.
30. Every city has common street names: O’higgins, Arauco, Yungay etc. (All important people in Chilean history).
31. Chile al mundial!
32. Driest desert Atacama and coldest continent Antartica in the same country.
33. Isla de Pascua (aka Rapa Nui or Easter Island) is completely different from Chilean culture, has a different language, but is part of Chile.
34. Southern Chile was colonized by Germans…?!
35. Kunstmann (Torobayo, Bock, Miel), one of the tastiest beer I’ve drunk (cheap too).
36. Crudos.
37. Lobos marinos.
38. Escudo, Cristal, Brahma etc.
39. Bilz y pap.
40. Aji.
41. Falabella vs Ripley.
42. Cruz Verde vs Ahumada.
43. Schopdog.
44. Paris, Johnsons, La Polar, Taboada.
45. Lider, Bigger, Santa Isabel, Unimarc.
46. Piñera, Frei, Ominami, Arrate.
47. Super 8.

More to be added later…as it comes to me…

P.S. TV programs only apply for the six months I lived in Chile.


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