Looking ahead

It has been a while. January has been pretty dull except for a cruise trip I took to St. Martin, St. Thomas and Puerto Rico onboard the Independence of the Seas. I also applied for the Census Bureau for part time since they pay 22 bucks an hour. Before I left for the trip I did some research on well, my future pretty much. I’ve been looking into Peace Corps since I was in college and I’ve also been thinking about going back to school and getting my masters degree. The problem was I wasn’t sure which subject I wanted to continue studying. It was between Comparative Literature, Spanish, French or Education. After looking into the Peace Corps Masters International Program I found out that I could do both: Peace Corps and masters concurrently. So I did some searching and decided I want to stay close to home. Turned out that the Monterey Institute of International Studies has a masters degree program in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). If I am accepted I can study a year there, receive my placement in Peace Corps, go there for 2 years, then come back and finish up my masters in another semester, then bam! Peace Corps and Masters Degree in the pocket. So fingers crossed =)

Other than that life has been pretty dull, weather has been shitty and I have nothing to do except reading. So I finally read Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol in one sitting (it is a page turner). It was fun, fast paced and a mixture of facts and fiction, modern and ancient, like his previous works. At times Robert Langdon would just go on and on about symbols and histories that were hard to digest. I also started reading Paradise Lost again by John Milton (interestingly there was a reference to it in The Lost Symbol). I’ve a list of the classics (Greek mostly) waiting to be read or re-read (The Odyssey). These will keep me occupied.

Oh and apparently there is a Blogging Scholarship and the grand prize is $10000. That’s a lot of money…I need to wrap my brain in to come up with some ideas.


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