It’s not me, it’s you

It’s true. It’s the way you make me feel. It’s the way you talk, the way you move. The way the world dissolves when you’re around. Yeah right, who do you think you are? Nah, kidding. It’s really me. Always moving. Your fault though. Doesn’t make sense. It shouldn’t. No meaning, or is there? Let’s not make excuses. Let’s face it. Life’s too short. Live, love and learn right? Wrong. It’s hard to gather my thoughts. My thoughts exactly. Just about enough, and there it goes. Again. Once. Twice. Three blind mice. Stop it. This is for real. No more faking. No more denying. Accept it. You. Who? You. Okay me. Now what? Run. No. Go back. Possibly. It’s coming closer. Can’t be. It’s an illusion. Has to be. How? Look. There. Right beyond that edge. Don’t. Get away. That light. That noise. It’s mind numbing. Think. Now. Too late. No need. Not anymore. It’s over. Get it? The end. El fin. Time’s up…but, no but. Leave it the way it is. A full circle. Right on.


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