It was only a kiss…

Stop looking for deeper meanings. It’s a simple gesture. A simple hug, a simple kiss, why make it so complicated? Pft…look who’s talking. Yes, it’s understandable that we want to believe that there’s something more, it’s our basic instincts driving us to find meaning in everything and it’s hard to fight against that, but, sometimes, things just happen. Call it coincidence, fate, destiny…life. Doesn’t matter as long as it makes us feel comfortable, as long as it fits our beliefs because, when we get to the root of it, there are only two outcomes: either you believe that there’s an ultimate consequence (in which case your life is adding up to that last moment some call ‘eternity’), or you believe that your actions here and now are all that matter, nothing more. You can’t have it both ways. You can’t always get what you want.


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