Saint Valentinus

Seeing as Saint Valentinus, or Saint Valentine if you prefer, was imprisoned and beheaded for marrying Christians in the late 15th century, shouldn’t we have headless teddy bears to commemorate him? Besides, shouldn’t Valentine’s day be everyday if we really love someone? If we really want to show someone that we care for them, why not transcend the materialistic world and simply BE with them? There’s no need to waste time and money on cards and chocolate and roses and whatever else you buy on this so-called Valentine’s day because they don’t really mean anything. Sure, I get that chocolate is sweet and cards are convenient, but shouldn’t we simply say what we feel instead of giving words to loved ones that were written by greeting cards companies? People get paid TONS to come up with those words and phrases, so please, be original and write your own. It isn’t hard if you really mean what you say. Happy Valentine’s Day, I guess.


The end is in sight!

I cannot believe my last post here was over 3 months ago…I just haven’t had the time nor have I been in the right mood. At any rate, if everything goes as planned, I will graduate this summer with my Master’s Degree. Not that I am not enjoying graduate school, in fact, I am really starting to like what I have learned, and probably will learn. The problem is that I need to get out of here, as in get out of the US and start teaching and traveling again. I am getting bored with being in California. The last time I was out of country on my own was more than a year ago. One year in the same place is way too long for me. I need to keep moving. I constantly need new and interesting things to keep my mind engaged, hence, I do not have a planner or calendar of any kind. I just remember things.

The past week or so has been fun, intriguing, and stimulating. The classes I am taking are challenging and I have pretty much been reading a great deal of academic materials, even in my dreams. I was reading about a bunch of research and theories one late night for my Applied Linguistic Research class and I fell asleep. Subsequently, my mind continued reading about the research and I saw the texts clearly and I knew I was asleep, to an extent. I couldn’t completely control what I was doing (Lucid dreaming) but it was definitely the closest I have been. Anyway, I recommend this site for those who seek to keep the mind sharp. Peace.