The end is in sight!

I cannot believe my last post here was over 3 months ago…I just haven’t had the time nor have I been in the right mood. At any rate, if everything goes as planned, I will graduate this summer with my Master’s Degree. Not that I am not enjoying graduate school, in fact, I am really starting to like what I have learned, and probably will learn. The problem is that I need to get out of here, as in get out of the US and start teaching and traveling again. I am getting bored with being in California. The last time I was out of country on my own was more than a year ago. One year in the same place is way too long for me. I need to keep moving. I constantly need new and interesting things to keep my mind engaged, hence, I do not have a planner or calendar of any kind. I just remember things.

The past week or so has been fun, intriguing, and stimulating. The classes I am taking are challenging and I have pretty much been reading a great deal of academic materials, even in my dreams. I was reading about a bunch of research and theories one late night for my Applied Linguistic Research class and I fell asleep. Subsequently, my mind continued reading about the research and I saw the texts clearly and I knew I was asleep, to an extent. I couldn’t completely control what I was doing (Lucid dreaming) but it was definitely the closest I have been. Anyway, I recommend this site for those who seek to keep the mind sharp. Peace.


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