Till the day we meet again…

In my heart is where I’ll keep you, friend.

I am glad that I have great friends whom I can rely on, trust, have fun with, and pour my heart out to. You know who you are. Over the years I have met many people and have made many friends in the process, especially during my travels. I have also lost many friends over the years because I do not see them anymore and I gradually talked less to them as time passed. All I am left with are memories of the times we spent together, and that’s really all I can ask for and need. I know that real friendship can endure distance and time but one has to work at it, just like love. Perfect relationships do not simply exist without effort, period. Falling in love is easy; I fall in love all the time. Maintaining and keeping the relationship and love going is hard. The concept of soul mates is utopian, I don’t care how much you think s/he is “the one,” how much you are alike, how good you/he/she is in bed, or how you can finish each others’ sentences: Only with time and effort will a relationship last. And, I stick by that. If the relationship does not work, do not blame yourself or your “significant other”: Live, Laugh, Love, Learn, Let go, and MOVE ON.