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We have to start somewhere, right?

Oscar Wilde once said: Nothing that is worth knowing can be taught. Before jumping to conclusions, we must first ask ourselves: what exactly is worth knowing? Knowledge encompasses everything we learned through experience and education, and depending upon our philosophical bent, we may have different opinions about what constitutes experience and education. Education is, in and of itself, an experience. Our lives are made up of experiences and our experiences shape who we are and influence what we do and how we act, which in turn affect our choices in life. The choices we make are based upon the knowledge we acquired whether through education or experience. This knowledge ultimately provides the basis for our thoughts, feelings, and opinions. Consequently, the more knowledge we possess, the better we will be at expressing these thoughts, feelings, and opinions.

Now, think back on your education and your experiences: Are there things that are not worth knowing? The following video is a RSA Animate of the talk by Sir Ken Robinson on “Changing Education Paradigms”.


Think about it.