It’s like magic! Not!

I had been reading up on QFT and the M-theory for some time now, VERY interesting stuff (to me, anyway). The main difference between the two is that M-theory encompasses Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity, namely, the force of gravity. As we all know, Sir Issac Newton first discovered gravity and proposed his three famous laws over 300 years ago. Einstein expanded and built on Newton’s discovery and came up with the formula E=mc². Now, gravity is a tricky concept to understand when it interacts with other variables, which is the reason scientists are searching for a unified theory. This is where QFT and the M-theory come in. Check out this article.

Basically, vacuum is not empty space (contrary to popular beliefs) and the article talks about the research into, to put it simply, making something out of “nothing”. And no, it’s not magic.

—– Update

Check out The Holographic Universe and this youtube video (Ignore the warning part, so cheesy)

Is reality really an illusion? Does reality exist solely based on our perceptions?